City of Norman Selects Econolite Centracs® Adaptive Signal Control

Econolite today announced that Norman, OK has selected Centracs® Adaptive to deploy as part of the City’s long-term Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) or “Moving Forward” Plan in addressing its future transportation needs. Centracs Adaptive will first be deployed along Highway 9 from 24th Ave SW to S. Jenkins Ave. – a major corridor that serves a mix of residential and commuter traffic, as well as traffic to and from the University of Oklahoma.

An important objective of the “Moving Forward” Plan is to ensure a vibrant community through investments that enhance multi-modal transportation efficiencies. “Our goal is to implement transportation systems that are planned and designed around the unique needs of our community,” said City of Norman Traffic Engineer David Riesland. “This includes deploying leading-edge technologies that can enhance efficiencies for all modes of transportation. We believe adaptive signal control will be an ideal fit within our CTP.”

Highway 9 presents unique signal timing challenges. In addition to weekday commutes, the corridor experiences unpredictable traffic activity to and from the University of Oklahoma. Additionally, Highway 9 can experience dramatic traffic congestion during athletic events, particularly during football season. “This is an ideal application for an adaptive signal system,” said Econolite Group VP of Sales Mark Nogaki. “We’re very pleased that Centracs Adaptive was chosen to meet the needs of Norman’s ‘Moving Forward’ program. This adaptive signal application will significantly improve traffic mobility over pre-programmed timing plans, especially during unexpected traffic conditions.”

Centracs Adaptive is integrated in Centracs ATMS, which the City of Norman installed in 2009 as part of its ongoing transportation and infrastructure enhancement programs. Centracs Adaptive will be deployed in conjunction with several Econolite AccuScan 1000 advance vehicle radar detection systems and a BlueTOAD™ travel time system for before and after analysis.

About Econolite

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