Econolite Introduces Cyclescope™ Bicycle Differentiation Software Upgrade

Free software upgrade provides enhanced bicycle differentiation accuracy

Econolite today introduced Autoscope® Software Release Version 10.5.0 with Cyclescope™ − the latest free Autoscope software upgrade that provides enhanced bicycle differentiation accuracy. Cyclescope is compatible with all existing Autoscope Solo Terra™, RackVision Terra™, ENCORE, and Duo detection systems.

Cyclescope enables bicycle-differentiated detection in support of bicycle minimum green signal programming (Bike-Min) – a green signal interval length to accommodate and help ensure that bicycles can safely cross an intersection. Bike-Min is often specified for traffic signal programs, as well as a standard feature of modern traffic signal controllers, including Econolite ASC/3 and Cobalt® ATC controllers. Autoscope 10.5.0 with Cyclescope is available immediately for free download to Autoscope customers.

“Cyclescope satisfies yet another detection objective with a single sensor,” said Scott Robinson, Econolite Autoscope product manager. “The overriding goal with Cyclescope is to provide end-users with an easy way to leverage their existing investment in Autoscope and achieve highly accurate bicycle differentiation, and Cyclescope does just that.”

In addition to supporting Windows 8, Autoscope 10.5.0 brings remote communications capabilities to RVP1 and RVP2, Autoscope’s economical, rack-based video processing solutions. Autoscope 10.5.0 is proven to provide better accuracy, including enhanced performance under very complex lighting conditions.

Providing bicycle differentiation and stop bar detection, Autoscope can also be used for advance detection, surveillance, and traffic data collection – a true multi-objective and multi-tasking detection solution. For more information about Autoscope and Econolite’s complete portfolio of detection solutions, visit:

Autoscope version 10.5.0 with Cyclescope is available to customers on The software is available with an easy FTP site download, or an Econolite detection representative can provide a CD. To receive instructions for customer download from the Econolite FTP site, send an email with the customer name and email address to

For additional information on Cyclescope training, click here to visit the EGI Learning Center for the complete training catalog, and to sign up for one of our upcoming Bicycle Differentiation courses scheduled for May 7 and May 21, 2015. If you need assistance please contact Econolite Marketing

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