City of Pueblo Chooses Autoscope® RackVision Pro 2 to Enhance Video Detection Performance

Autoscope RVP2 and 10.5.0 software solution required no camera replacement

Econolite and its Autoscope partner, Image Sensing Systems, today announced that the City of Pueblo, Colorado has chosen Autoscope RackVision Pro 2 to enhance video detection performance at its intersections. Autoscope RVP2 with software version 10.5.0 will enable Pueblo to achieve the upgrade, cost effectively, by not having to replace currently-installed cameras, as well as using one RVP2 to operate two cameras. The City has ordered 39 RVP2 systems to be installed this year.

The City of Pueblo was an early adopter of video detection technology, installing video sensors at its actuated intersections starting in 2000. This helped the City overcome the limitations of other detection technologies that are affected by the extreme seasonal conditions, such as snow and freeze/thaw cycles, which the region frequently experiences. Despite the advantages the City was already getting from its detection, they felt there was room for increased performance.

In March 2016, the City of Pueblo began to install Autoscope RVP2 and immediately saw improvement in detection performance and accuracy. “Intersections that saw improved detection performance are Northern and Berkley, and Pueblo and Hollywood Drive,” said City of Pueblo Traffic Engineer Pepper Whittlef. “Both of these locations were frequently in a side street recall, or we received complaints about the signal not servicing the side street. Since the installation of the RVPs at these locations, we have not had any issues.”

The Autoscope RVP2 is a Machine Vision Processor (MVP) designed to enable vehicle detection and signal actuation in a typical traffic cabinet. The RVP2detector card is easy to install and works with other manufacturers’ cameras. Mouse & Monitor functionality quickly sets up intersection detection without the need of a laptop.

Autoscope Software Release Version 10.5.0 with Cyclescope™ is proven to provide better detection and bicycle differentiation accuracy, including enhanced performance under very complex lighting conditions. 10.5.0 is compatible with all existing Autoscope Solo Terra™, Rackvision Terra™, Encore, and Duo detection systems. In addition to supporting Windows 8, Autoscope 10.5.0 brings remote communications capabilities to RVP1 and RVP2.

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