Econolite And Pelco Products, Inc. Reach Distribution Agreement for IntelliCross Advanced Pedestrian System

Anaheim, Calif., August 10, 2017 – Econolite today announced that it has reached an exclusive distributor agreement with Pelco Products (Pelco), Inc. According to the agreement, Econolite will immediately begin distributing Pelco’s IntelliCross product line in select regions of the western United States.

“Pelco Products provides the only complete solution for safely navigating pedestrians through North American intersections,” said IntelliCross Manager Kevin Hanke. “Pelco’s IntelliCross product line is the result of years of research, input, and design, resulting in the first technologically advanced pedestrian crossing product. We are excited to partner with Econolite to help enhance the safety of some of the most vulnerable intersection users.”

IntelliCross Advanced Pedestrian System (APS) is designed with the future in mind and is the most advanced accessible pedestrian signal available. The IntelliCross APS is the only system that is easily field upgradable to central control. With just the addition of a Communications Interface Unit to cabinet power, intersections without pushbutton wiring can use patented Power Line Communications (PLC) to eliminate the need of wiring from the cabinet to the button.

“The IntelliCross APS system complements Econolite’s leading-edge ITS suite of solutions,” said Econolite VP of Sales Mark Nogaki. “IntelliCross provides transportation agencies the ability to convert pre-timed intersections to fully actuated. In addition, its wireless button configuration enables the ability to configure all the buttons at one time using a computer. These features combined with our ITS offerings will help enhance the efficiency and safety for pedestrians.”

IntelliCross allows arrow adjustment on the fly. Not having to configure in the shop and only install on the pole saves hours of set up time. Pelco also engineered this button to work with off-the-shelf IntelliCross buttons. The IntelliCross has unique button memory technology, allowing button replacement one in the sequence.

Econolite will be the exclusive distributor for Pelco IntelliCross in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and select counties in California. Econolite Canada is already a distributor of IntelliCross in Canada.

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