Econolite Introduces Centracs® Mobility Platform

Econolite Introduces Centracs® Mobility Platform

Centracs Mobility is the next-generation cloud-based traffic control software solution

Anaheim, Calif., July 9, 2020 — Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, today announced that it has introduced CentracsÒ Mobility, a highly flexible cloud-based software solution platform that is designed to provide added value and actionable information, augmenting the traffic management software toolset. Centracs Mobility combines all the proven capabilities of Centracs Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), currently deployed in over 325 agencies in North America, with the cloud-based data analytics of signal performance measures (SPM), signal timing optimization, and real-time signal control.

Centracs Mobility’s flexible architecture enables cities and transportation agencies to custom tailor it for their specific traffic control needs, maximizing their investment. Centracs Mobility can be easily integrated with the latest in sensor technologies, and can be customized for any deployment level, delivering the highest levels of traffic control interoperability and automation.

“Centracs Mobility is truly the next-generation cloud-based traffic management software solution,” said Kirk Steudle, Econolite Senior Vice President of Systems. “Centracs Mobility was developed based on user-feedback and designed to address the dynamic traffic control needs of today’s data-driven roadway networks and Smart City multimodal transportation environments. For existing Centracs customers, Centracs Mobility can be deployed as a simple software upgrade.”

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