Case Studies

Econolite in Tampa Bay, FL

A Customer Testimonial

Environmental Benefits of Traffic Smoothing

Learn how you can make a positive environmental impact by leveraging ITS Technologies to reduce roadway congestion.

Econolite lives by a “Customer First” philosophy. No matter the challenge, Econolite is committed to providing the best products and services, in order to deliver maximum value and success to all customers.


Oakland County, MI

This countywide deployment has helped to both improve traffic conditions and make significant advancements in safety and quality of life. Read More


Sacramento, CA

Transitioning from inductive loops to the non-intrusive Autoscope video detection has never been easier! Read More

Bicycle Detection/ Differentiation 

Pasadena, CA

The new video-based bicycle detection and differentiation capabilities is helping Pasadena DOT implement new traffic signal timing strategies. Read More

Centracs Adaptive

Madison, WI

Before-and-after reports indicated up to a 22 percent reduction in travel times and a 65 percent reduction in stops using Centracs Adaptive. Read More


Newport Beach, CA

Centracs ATMS is utilized to improve system reliability, streamline operations, and help enhance mobility. Read More


South Denver Metropolitan Area

Through the Centracs Server-to-Server module, adjoining Centracs-deployed cities can seamlessly share data and manage arterial traffic across agency boundaries, helping enhance ITS capabilities exponentially. Read More

Centracs Travel Time

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is now able to collect the real-time speed and travel time data necessary to actively respond and change signal timing under defined traffic conditions. Read More

ITS Solution

Cranberry, PA

A new ITS system and signal timing strategy reduced travel time and delays while increasing roadway safety and productivity. Read More

ITS Solution

Orange County, CA

Six agencies, eleven miles, and forty-one intersections receive ITS upgrades to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Read More