Our Mission

Saving Lives through Improved Mobility


At Econolite, our philosophy is that our customers, both internal and external, come first. We are committed to accommodating customer needs expeditiously and thoughtfully, and we strive to always provide product and service experiences that reflect and exceed the needs of our customers.

Doing the right thing – even when nobody is looking. We believe that the core of any great organization lies within the integrity of its culture – our purpose, values, and beliefs that guide our behavior, processes, and practices.  We vow to conduct business with integrity by treating everyone with the utmost respect, while always delivering superior products and services.

We understand the value of strategic partnerships. It is essential to align ourselves and our organization with others who share the same determination and drive to enhance mobility, ensure safety to our general public, and improve quality of life. Our partnering is not limited to product development companies, but spans across many levels of collaboration from non-profit organizations and educational institutions, to employees, industry peers, and customers. To view our partners, click here.

Innovation is our motivation! For as long as we have been in business, we have focused on identifying industry needs and leveraging technology to develop solutions that best meet those needs. Our cultural platform has fostered an environment of creativity.  We support idea’s that allow and encourage people to be creative, to share their ideas, and to participate in making their ideas a reality. Imagination and innovation have always played a role in our culture, and we believe they are crucial drivers of our success today, and into the future.

There is always room for improvement! As our company continues to grow and evolve, we maintain our commitment to continuous improvement at all levels. We’ve invested in successful improvement programs such as Total Quality Management, ISO Certification, Six sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Operational Excellence – programs that allow employees to engage in teams that are empowered to implement process improvements.

More than a team, we are a family. We care, support, and believe in each other. We work hard and play together. We recognize the importance of family and maintaining a family spirit within the workplace. Our relationships span many years, honoring our employees who celebrate long-time anniversaries at Econolite. Fostering a family spirit has created a strong team and lifelong friends.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is not a cliché for Econolite; it is the company’s way of business. These policies are made up of several main components that help Econolite manage its impact on society and the environment, and it all starts with the Brand Promise.

Brand Promise

Econolite promises to deliver solutions that ease traffic congestion, provide safer mobility and improve the quality of life for the driving public.

Environmental Commitment

Econolite is committed to protecting the environment by implementing operating practices that meet or exceed environmental laws and regulations. We encourage employees to practice environmental responsibility while creating products and services that contribute to reduced emissions and improved air quality.

Quality Policy

Econolite is committed to delivering our Brand Promise through exceptional customer service, and the highest quality products, designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable regulations and quality standards. We consistently measure our effectiveness of continuous improvement by operating within a Quality Management System and we encourage all employees to be responsible for meeting and exceeding the established standards for quality within their job functions.