Wireless Solutions

Long Range Ethernet Bridge


  • The Intuicom Nitro58-n is an advanced wireless 802.11n solution with features including 300 Mbps, Long Range Ethernet Bridge, and high throughput.

  • The Intuicom Nitro58 11a is an advanced wireless 802.11a solution with features including 108 Mbps, 600mW transmit power, extended range, and high throughput.

  • Intuicom BroadbandPro™ Enterprise software is a Windows® based, unified management suite that make it easier than ever to install and manage wireless broadband networks.

  • The Intuicom 5GHz Broadband Solution provides the highest data rates along with the most robust industry-established security features.

  • Intuicom’s EB-6 PLUS is a long-range, high-speed industrial wireless transceiver enabling both IP and serial connectivity with 867 Kbps over the air data rates.

  • The Intuicom DIO is a high performance wireless contact closure radio for ON-OFF and Detection applications.
  • The Communicator II™ is a high performance wireless data transceiver designed for industrial serial and serial to IP networks.

Intuicom’s Long Range Ethernet Bridge solutions are ideal for a wide variety of long-range, high-speed, high-performance industrial communications applications.