Safetran 2070-1C Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Open architecture design

  • Linux real-time multi-tasking operating system and ATC compliant Board Support Package (BSP)

  • PowerPC with QUICC engine

  • Meets Caltrans TEES 2009 (errata 1 and errata 2) specifications

The new Safetran model 2070-1C and 2070-1CLS CPUs have been designed to meet the Caltrans TEES 2009 specification for the optional 2070 1C CPU. The CPU module meets or exceeds all TEES and NEMA functional and environmental requirements for traffic signal hardware. These CPUs, which includes the Linux multi-tasking operating system, provides a true, industry standard, open architecture platform.

The 2070-1C and 2070-1CLS CPUs may be configured with Econolite’s highly capable ASC/3-2070 Linux version software package, or any industry-available 2070 software meeting current Caltrans TEES 2009 (errata 1) specifications that have been configured to operate on Econolite’s 2070-1C or 2070-1CLS CPUs.

The 2070-1C or 2070-1CLS CPUs are designed to operate in the 2070E or the 2070LX chassis. The 2070 -1C Host board provides two Ethernet switches used to route the ENET1 and ENET2 signals from the Engine Board to the front panel RJ-45 connectors and Serial Motherboard connector. (Note: the 2070-1CLS Host Board does not include the two Ethernet switches. Instead the ENET1 and ENET2 signals from the Engine Board route directly to two RJ-45 connectors on the front panel.)