Econolite Cobalt Datasheet (PDF) English

Econolite Cobalt ASC Software Specifications (DOC) English

Econolite Cobalt ATC Touch Hardware Specifications (DOC) English

Econolite Cobalt Touch Software Specifications (DOC) English


  • Revolutionary traffic signal controller, large seven-inch color TFT LCD display

  • Touch-screen display for intuitive, graphical programming of traffic signals

  • High brightness and contrast display for better outdoor readability than any other controller on the market

  • Linux, open architecture real-time multi-tasking operating system

  • Alternative Web browser-based user interface allows remote programming and status observation (with appropriate network connection)


The traffic signal controller represents one of the most important intelligent technology and communication components of a signalized intersection. As such, today’s advanced traffic signal controller must integrate leading edge electronics, while supporting industry standards and specifications. Econolite continues its tradition of offering the most advanced and innovative technologies with the Cobalt™ family of Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATC).

Fully meeting the industry’s ATC standard 5.2b and proposed standard 6.10, Cobalt is designed to provide an unmatched combination of ATC controller open architecture functionality with the latest handheld technology and applications.  Cobalt also features a breakthrough hardened seven-inch touchscreen user interface matched with a Linux-based operating system, making programming and access to functions easiest in the industry.

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