Autoscope® ENCORE

advanced traffic management system


  • Provides advanced traffic management system for vehicle detection at intersection stop line and advance extension applications

  • EasyLink connectivity for broadband communications

  • Streaming digital MPEG-4 video output

  • User-definable password protection

  • Vehicle detection, traffic data measures, speed, and incident detection

  • Bicycle detection and differentiation

As the complexities of advanced traffic management system increase, multi-tasking ITS solutions are providing the capability, accuracy and flexibility required for varying types of roadway situations. The Autoscope® Duo™ sensor is a hybrid radar and video vehicle detection system—the first in a new generation of hybrid sensor-based above ground detection.  Duo provides superior detection accuracy in all traffic, lighting, weather, and pavement conditions, with the lowest cost of ownership.  The Autoscope Duo sensor provides a consistent vehicle detection solution, and inspires Advanced Traffic Management System applications of continuous data collection and traffic monitoring.

For transportation professionals, this multi-tasking vehicle detection system provides a superior alternative to in-ground detection, while guaranteeing years of low-maintenance service and significant return on investment, especially when compared to the recurring expense of common inductive loop detectors.