AccuScan 600

Accuscan 600


  • Accuscan 600
  • Stop Bar and Advance vehicle detection – in one sensor

  • Loop replacement (non-intrusive detection)

  • Depth by-lane detection accuracy

  • On-board Attitude Sensor simplifies sensor aiming

  • Flexible installation

  • Custom trigger conditions

  • ETA, Dilemma Zone, Queue Length and Speed measurement

  • Convenient installation wizard

  • Geographical Awareness

  • 100Base-TX Ethernet interface option

  • 170/2070, TS1 & TS2 Interface

Actively managing and controlling traffic at intersections and dilemma zones requires accurate extended vehicle detection from the stop bar to 500 feet before the stop bar. With Econolite’s AccuScan 600 radar detection solution, agencies and MPOs can actively manage dilemma zones and intersections based on traffic demand to enhance safety and efficiency even on curved approaches. A single Econolite AccuScan 600 sensor enables up to six lanes of vehicle detection at various distances up to 625 feet from the mounting location of the sensor. By providing vehicle detection out to 625 feet, Econolite AccuScan 600 enables dilemma zone protection, green light extension, ETA, queue, and bicycle detection strategies.  AccuScan 600 is an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution with central management software that is convenient for fast integration to existing network infrastructure.