AccuScan TMIB


  • Stop Line, Dilemma Zone, or Advanced vehicle detection

  • Cost Effective & Superior Value

  • Loop replacement (non-intrusive detection)

  • Presence or Pulse Outputs

  • Custom trigger conditions

  • Easy to install and configure

  • Reliable Performance

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Low Power Consumption

  • 100Base-TX Ethernet to network

  • 170/2070, TS1 & TS2 Controller Support

The TMIB connects up to four AccuScan forward-fire radar units to a traffic controller in the cabinet. The TMIB also facilitates Ethernet-based setup and monitoring communications from a PC to the radar units. Easy to install and set-up, the TMIB manages outputs from radar units around the intersection. Non-volatile memory retains the detector configuration, which can also be saved to a computer or restored from a saved file.

For the traffic controller, valid detection and output of up to 64 objects can facilitates optimal signal timing. Up to 16 wired open-collector outputs or up to 64 SDLC-protocol based outputs provide all the demand information that a modern traffic controller needs in an ITS solution. The TMIB interfaces detector outputs directly to NEMA TS1/TS2, TEES Type 170/179, or 2070 ATC traffic controllers, including SDLC when the controller software supports it in all cabinet types.