• Stop bar and advance detection within a single maintenance-free housing

  • The 600C offers up to 8 lanes of stop line detection for large intersections

  • The 1000C offers up to 1,000 of advance detection for high speed approaches

  • Both sensors are ideally suited for adaptive control systems with lane-by-lane detection

  • AccuScan is simple to install on mast arms minimizing the need for lane closures

Representing the latest in forward-fire radar technology, the AccuScan 600C and 1000C radar sensing units achieve superior traffic detection accuracy and reliability. AccuScan is the only radar that does both stop bar and advance detection in a single sensor, saving you money and time. Advance detection of over 1,000 feet with a wide angle beam covering up to 8 lanes provides you with versatile detection sensor. Lane-by-lane detection is perfectly suited to adaptive control and curved approaches. The radar sensor is compact and unobtrusive, virtually maintenance free and unaffected by shadows. The 3D/UHD radar technology yields improved performance in congested traffic.

The Traffic Management Interface Board (TMIB) supports NEMA TS1 and TS2 as well as 3XX style cabinets. The software is easy to configure and allows for off-line configuration which can monitor all approaches simultaneously. The user can quickly exclude areas of detection (sidewalks or parking lots) to aid and improve detection. The latest technology allows tracking for up to 256 objects, provides event triggering, and relay outputs which support a wide variety of uses and custom applications.