AccuSense Connect



AccuSense Connect Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Eliminates the need for EX cards and additional card slots in the cabinet
  • Adheres to NEMA Standard TS2-2003 requirements:8.6.1/ 8.6.2.
  • Utilizes the same configuration interface as CC and EX cards.
  • All current CC and EX card configuration options are supported.
  • Connect supports a total of 64 channels.

The Connect replaces the functionality of the EX cards. This reduces system costs and the need for additional card slots for expansion cards and multiple racks in controller cabinets.

The Connect connects to the EX port on the AccuSense Control or the CC card (for the AP240-S†). AccuSense Connect conforms to the Port 1 interface communications and indicator requirements specified in the NEMA TS2- 2003 standard. AccuSense Connect is powered through the 9-28VDC barrel connector or the USB port. The front panel display shows the channel status of the 64 channels arranged as four racks of 16 channels each. Racks can be independently enabled or disabled. TrafficDOT is used to configure the channels and download firmware updates.