AccuSense Control


AccuSense Control Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • AccuSense Control
  • To/from AccuSense sensors and repeaters

  • Via contact closure signals to traffic controller

  • Via IP connectivity (wired or wireless) to traffic management systems, upstream servers, etc.

  • Per-lane or per-vehicle data

  • Data buffering (event caching) 500 K

  • Data storage (processed data) 1M

The AccuSense Control, which is compatible with all AccuSense Mag Wireless Vehicle Detection System products, receives and processes data from the sensors. The AccuSense Control then relays the sensor detection data to a roadside traffic controller or remote server traffic management system.

The AccuSense Radio is a low powered radio that maintains two-way wireless links to an installation’s sensors and repeaters. The AccuSense Radio establishes overall time synchronization, transmits configuration commands and message acknowledgements, and receives and processes data from the sensors. The AccuSense Radio then uses wireless connections to relay the sensor detection data to the AccuSense Control.

Types of AccuSense Control configurations – The AccuSense Control single-slot configuration consists of dual AccuSense Radio radio ports, expansion (EX) port, and contact closure interface via backplane to a traffic controller. It also has dual USB 2.0 full speed host ports and 10/100Base-T network access. The AccuSense Control dualslot configuration adds an SD memory card, real-time battery-backed clock, optional dual serial (DB9) interface*, and an optional second serial port or built in cellular modem.