AccuSense Isolator



AccuSense Isolator Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Surge protection up to 12A and electrical isolation up to 2,500 Vrms
  • Increased connection length between FlexControl and Radio
  • Power and Activity indicators for both local and Remote connections
  • 2 types of ground terminations
  • Mounts in traffic cabinet with DIN mount of bracket mount

The AccuSense Isolator module provides both safety and length extension for the AccuSense Control to radio wiredinterface. The Isolator provides two independent isolatorports, one for each radio connection.The Isolator isolates and protects signals from the AccuSense Control to the radio and provides up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) of 24 AWG CAT5 cable communication for the Control to and from the radio using RS-422 drivers.

Some features of the AccuSense Isolator include equipment protection from electrical surges, and protection from electrical shock. Surge protection prevents unwanted electrical surge currents to enter the controller cabinet and destroy electronic circuitry, while ground isolation prevents dangerous voltages in a cable from shorting onto the ground or power supply in the cabinet. The Isolator also provides for length extension through an increased voltage of 15 V on the CAT5 between the Control and the radio.