AccuSense Repeat

AccuSense Repeat & Repeat Flex


AccuSense Repeat Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • AccuSense Repeat & Repeat Flex
  • To/from wireless sensors
  • To/from access points
  • Supports operating in two directions with one repeater; its supported sensors communicate with the access point
  • Maximum single-hop range of ~2000 feet (610 meters) from supporting access point or repeater
  • Maximum single-hop range of ~300 feet (91 meters) from sensors with Long Range External Antenna
  • No calibration or adjustment required

AccuSense Repeat for cases where installed wireless sensors are out of range of the nearest access point, one or more repeaters can be used to provide a two-way relay between the out-of-range sensors and the access point. A repeater is mounted by the roadside on a pole or other structure.

Flex Repeaters are second generation repeaters that provide antenna options that extends the range of the repeaters and eliminates the need for additional repeaters operating in tandem. The AccuSense Repeat are powered with a replaceable battery pack located within the unit; however the AccuSense Repeat does not have a replaceable battery. Both Flex Repeaters utilize enhanced RF chipsets and circuitry that improves RF robustness and reduces energy consumption. Flex Repeaters have an internal antenna and connect with the Flex External Antenna.

The Flex External Antenna connects to Flex Repeaters via a coaxial cable. The antenna, which works in conjunction with a repeater, allows the repeater to be aimed in two directions simultaneously utilizing a pole located between the sensor and access point. Two types of Flex External Antennas are supported: (i) the ASENSE-FLX-ANT1 with the same RF coverage as the internal antenna and (ii) the ASENSE-FLX-ANT2 with Long Range RF coverage. The Flex family of repeaters work with the standard repeaters.