Autoscope® Cyclescope™

Bicycle Detection System


Autoscope Cyclescope Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Provides true differentiation between vehicles and bicycles at signalized intersections for a Bicycle Detection System

  • Satisfies new state and local statues requiring minimum bicycle green timing even when sharing a lane

  • Leverages Autoscope’s ability to collect traffic data helping to demonstrate success of bicycle-friendly programs

  • Easy set up

  • No additional detectors required

All Autoscope detectors can detect the presence of bicycles at the intersection for a Bicycle Detection System. For 20+ years, this capability has been available in Autoscope products to satisfy multiple detection objectives. Bicycle lanes, stenciled bicycle markings, and cyclist behaviors indicated where to draw the virtual detectors.

The new Autoscope Cyclescope feature provides Bicycle Differentiation, meaning that as a tracked object approaches the detection zone, Cyclescope determines whether or not the object is a bicycle—in any lane. Cyclescope is available in many Autoscope ITS technology products, including Autoscope Duo™ models, Autoscope ENCORE® sensor models, Autoscope Solo® Terra sensor models, and the Autoscope RackVision™ Terra processor with the Autoscope Image Sensor products. Cyclescope is quick and easy to implement in any cabinet and with any traffic controller, and greatly simplifies the setup of bicycle detection.