Autoscope Vision Comm Manager



Autoscope Vision Comm Manager Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Space saving support for 1-4 Vision Sensors
  • Single IP Address for agency network integration
  • Secure 802.11g Wi-Fi access point, password protected, 10-minutes inactivity timeout, on-off pushbutton
  • 1000ft cable distances between sensor and Comm Manager
  • Simultaneous support for TS1, wired I/O and TS2 SDLC Port 1

The Autoscope Comm Manager is a powerful device facilitating remote and local communication to Vision sensors. The Vision Comm Manager supports 3-wire-only branch cable connections to the sensors, interface to the optional Vision I/O 24™ module and well as full 10/100/1000 Ethernet communication to a local laptop or workstation at the Traffic Management Center (TMC).

The Comm Manager protects other cabinet components from branch cable transient surges. The Comm Manager provides quick wireless access via password protected 802.11g Wi-Fi or direct CAT-5 Ethernet cable to Vision sensors for purposes of zoom, configuration or routine maintenance. The maintenance port acts as a DHCP server, assigning an IP address to the connected device. Due to the Comm Managers small footprint, installation in a traffic cabinet is fast and tech-friendly. A standard CAT-5 cable connects the Comm Manager to an agency’s network. A single IP address is all that is required to connect the Vision Comm Manager to personnel at the TMC. Traffic management professionals can collect traffic data and view High-Definition, h.264 video streams, individually or in a quad display. Individual and quad video includes detection overlay for monitoring system performance. Detection zones may also be created or modified remotely with this simple network architecture.