Traffic Detection System


Autoscope DEM144 Product Data Sheet (PDF) English


  • Up to 16 detector inputs from TAP or RackVision Terra unit on front panel 25 pin connector for a Traffic Detection System

  • Up to four detector outputs to DEM144 rear edge connector (emulates four channel loop detector output)

  • Four RJ-11 ports route and up to four additional groups of four detector outputs to other detector rack slots using DEM114

  • Single slot width form factor with handle

The Detector Expansion Module (DEM144) provides a simple solution to wiring detector outputs into a NEMA TS1, TS2, Type 170, or 2070Traffic Detection System cabinet where access to the detector input termination points is limited or when the controller software cannot reassign detector inputs.  The DEM144 distributes up to four outputs from its rear edge connector.  With the addition of the Detector Expansion Module Slave (DEM114) modules, the DEM144 can distribute up to four additional groups of four outputs per module. The DEM144 connects to a TAP or a RackVision Terra unit via a special I/O cable. The optional DEM114 connects to the DEM144 with a simple RJ-11 jumper. The jumper matrix on the DEM144 module is easy to customize for detector outputs to match the current detector rack or Input File configuration.