Rackvision™ System 16

Autoscope RackVision System


Rackvision System 16 Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Autoscope RackVision System
  • Dual power supplies

  • Additional detector outputs available when using an optional detector port master card

  • Non-volatile memory data storage on each card

  • Local language support for many languages

  • Optional on-board Video Compression (VC) cards

  • Proven Autoscope technology

The Autoscope RackVision System-16 Sub-rack Assembly provides a multi-camera video detection solution with the same high performance that can be expected from the Autoscope family of products.  It processes video from Autoscope Image Sensor (AIS) cameras or CCTV cameras for a convenient, high-density video detection solution for traffic congestion management.

With up to 16 detection cards installed per rack, RackVision System-16 is an ideal solution for multi-camera applications.

Autoscope video detection systems install and configure easily.  Video can be transmitted back to the office or Traffic Management Center (TMC) by using connections as simple as twisted pair copper, as fast as fiber-optics, or convenient as wireless radios