Rackvision™ Pro 1 & 2

Rackvision™ Pro 1 & 2


  • RackVision™ Pro 1 & 2

  • Provides basic video vehicle detection for intersection stop-line and advance extension applications

  • Bicycle detection

  • Installs in a standard detector rack or self-contained shelf-mount unit

  • Software installation by USB flash drive

  • Comprehensive traffic data collection

  • Self-test on power-up

RackVision™ Pro 1 & 2 fits the need for a simple, reliable and cost-effective dynamic video-based detection solution at vulnerable intersections and along congested roadways is becoming more important in maintaining mobility and safety.  As a result, agencies are leveraging the benefits of the video processing and broadband communications capabilities of video detection, including Autoscope – a critical first step in implementing an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program.

The Autoscope RackVision Pro Series solutions, including RVP1 and 2 are Machine Vision Processors (MVP) designed to meet intersection detection objectives of vehicle detection and signal actuation in a typical traffic cabinet. This cost-effective detection solution utilizes the same algorithms that have established Autoscope video detection as the global leader for wide-area video vehicle detection.