RackVision™ Terra™



    • RackVision Terra Traffic Video Detection

    • Vehicle detection, traffic data collection and incident detection

    • Up to sixteen (16) modular video input channels (PAL, CCIR, NTSC or RS170)

    • Dual-core processor for advanced image processing

    • MPEG-4 digital streaming video output or analog output

    • EasyLink broadband communications

    • IP addressable

The RackVision Terra Traffic Video Detection system delivers field proven incident detection and traffic data collection to promote safe and efficient traffic flow on roadways worldwide.

With innovative Terra Technology you will appreciate the processing power, web browser communications, streaming digital video, ease of setup and use, and simple operation. EasyLink™ broadband connectivity provides a hassel free connection to your traffic system communications network.

From pedestrian detection in tunnels to slow moving vehicle detection on the roadway, the Autoscope RackVision Terra System 16 is a cost effective and comprehensive solution for your transportation projects.