Software Developer’s Kit

Autoscope Software Developer Kit


  • Autoscope Software Developer Kit
  • Provides tools and software necessary to develop custom client applications

  • Provides source code examples of how to request data and use messages and options

  • Provides the means to acquire and save various traffic parameters to a disk

  • Supports communications with a large network of video detection devices (over 400)

  • Performs error-checking and enables complete logging of data communications

The Autoscope Software Developer Kit (SDK) provides the tools necessary to integrate Autoscope video detection systems with existing traffic management applications.  Additionally, the SDK helps in the development of new custom software applications which use the advanced traffic detection information provided by the Autoscope wide-area video vehicle detection system.

Complete documentation, sample application programs with source code, Client Application Programming Interface (CLAPI), communications server, and single-use license are provided. The kit allows anyone with computer programming skills to develop an application that retrieves information from Autoscope video detection systems for a traffic control or traffic data collection system.