Vision I/O 24 Module


VisionI/O 24 Module Product Data Sheet (PDF) English


  • Space saving support for 1-4 Vision sensors

  • 24 outputs, 16 inputs

  • Capable of emulating a 4-channel loop detector

  • Multi-cabinet use: Type 170/2070/33x, TS1, TS2

  • Versatile support of wired I/O, Expansion Modules and C1Y Harness

The Vision I/O 24 module monitors phase colors and gathers detection data information from up to four Vision sensors. The Vision I/O 24 Module is a single card device that can be placed in a standalone enclosure or slide conveniently into a detector rack. Its modern circuitry passes real-time detection states to the traffic controller as discrete detector outputs.

Configuration of the I/O 24 module is completed via the Vision Comm Manager™ when connected Vision sensors are powered and recognized by the Comm Manager.

The I/O 24 slides freely into rack card guides having a nominal slot width of 0.075 in. and a maximum slot width of 0.125in. The front panel is minimally 0.09 in. sheet aluminum finished with a durable protective coating. An aluminum handle on the front panel allows for easy removal from a rack. Nominal outer dimensions of the handle are 1 in. x 4 in. The unit may be inserted or removed from a powered detector rack.