Centracs® DMS


Centracs DMS Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Message editing interface that utilizes multi mark-up language and displays the message to the user just as it would appear on a DMS sign
  • Support for field variables that allows the sign to automatically update dynamic information such as speed, local time, and ambient temperature

Referred to as the readable form of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) can convey accurate travel information to roadway users. As traffic volumes increase combined with the lack of additional roadway capacity, DMS has become increasingly important in informing motorists of rapidly changing traffic conditions and providing drivers with solutions to avoid delays and dangerous situations. DMS is a major component in many traffic management and ITS strategies, providing real-time traveler and advanced traveler information.

The Centracs DMS module provides users the direct and instantaneous control to update and display valuable traveler information messages. By providing timely traffic condition or incident messages, Centracs DMS can help provide congestion mitigation information and increase roadway safety.


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