Centracs® Edaptive


  • Provides signal timings for real-time traffic conditions

  • Adapts to changes in traffic as they happen, i.e., weather, construction, and major events

  • Increased flexibility with existing stop bar detection

  • Reduces or eliminates costs of manual traffic counts

  • Provides new levels of mobility and safety

  • Increases agency benefits when using Centracs SPM data

Centracs Edaptive is a next-generation Adaptive Signal Control solution that enables cities and transportation agencies to maximize performance of a signal control system.

Centracs Edaptive is the next-generation Adaptive Signal Control, optimizing cycle, offset, and splits by using high-fidelity 1/10th-second resolution data. Better data yields better results, with Econolite’s latest cloud-based Centracs SPM. Centracs Edaptive is web-based and offers deep analytical capabilities; allowing users to quickly and easily ensure maximum performance of their signal control system.

Centracs Edaptive balances sustainability and reliability with the latest in adaptive algorithms.
Target applications include: corridors with highly variable traffic patterns, changing weather conditions, special events, high-priority corridors requiring maximum performance, and many others. Advanced algorithms coupled with optimized traffic signal timing means more green lights, enhanced safety, and shorter commutes.


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