Centracs® Local Edition

Traffic Management System Module


Centracs Local Edition Module Product Datasheet (PDF) English


  • Intuitive user interface Traffic Management System Module

  • Two-way synchronization between Centracs and Centracs Local Edition

  • Direct connect from laptops to controllers via serial connection or Ethernet

  • NEMA & 170/2070 support in one system

  • Database editing, upload and download for all Centracs supported controllers

  • Easy device configuration

Many Centracs customers have expressed the need for a stand-alone product allowing signal shops, field technicians, and others to manage intersections locally at the cabinet Traffic Management System Module. These intersections may or may not be directly connected to a Centracs central ATMS system through normal communication mechanisms.  Centracs Local Edition answers this need by providing a tool that allows uploads and downloads from a laptop to locally-connected controllers in the field.  It also allows users to synchronize their changes with the main Centracs database when connected back in the office.


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