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  • Web hosting allows access from any place, on any platform, at any time.

  • Provides SPM measure charts, user-selectable data parameters, and user-definable performance metrics comparisons.

  • Centracs SPM offers time- strapped traffic engineers “state-of-the-art” analysis tools, allowing more efficient and effective use of their limited time.

  •  Transforms qualitative and quantitative data into actionable information.

  • Data collection is continuous to signal management and operations.

It is universally recognized that periodic traffic signal optimization is one of the most effective ways to improve traffic mobility and safety. However, according to several independent studies, the costs involved in manually collecting and analyzing traffic data needed to retime a signal can be expensive. Under the fourth round of the Every Day Counts (EDC-4) program, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) encourages the implementation of automated traffic signal performance measures as a means to improve the traffic signal optimization process and provide continuous monitoring.

Centracs SPM replaces ad hoc and expensive retiming processes by providing continuous performance monitoring of traffic signals. The system provides continuous high-resolution traffic data collection and analytics, enabling transportation professionals to proactively address traffic signal timing optimization, and enhance mobility and safety. This allows agencies to make signal retiming strategy decisions based on actual high-resolution performance data without the costs of manually collected low-resolution data, and software modeling and simulations. In addition, Centracs SPM is an ideal fit for connected and autonomous vehicle and Smart City applications.


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