Centracs® ATMS

Advanced Traffic Management System


Centracs Product Datasheet (PDF) English

Centracs Specifications (DOC) English


  • NEW Database Editor Advanced Traffic Management System

  • Faster dialog loading times

  • Better processing and response times

  • Quicker report generation

  • Support of newer technologies (Windows 10, touch features, and more)

  • Improved User Interface

  •  Also available as a cloud-hosted solution

Transportation agencies, now more than ever, are looking for more efficient and cost effective solutions to manage traffic.  Econolite offers Centracs 2.0 Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) as a valuable component of an effective ITS solution to easily address current and future traffic management challenges. Centracs 2.0 provides an integrated platform for traffic signal control, ITS field device monitoring and control, information management, graphical data display, advanced traffic algorithms, and much more.  Centracs 2.0 is a flexible, user friendly and cost-effective system, enabling agencies to realize significant mobility benefits from its ATMS investment.  The flexible and scalable Centracs 2.0 design also provides agencies with feature-rich options that best meet evolving transportation agency needs.


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