Saving Lives Through Improved Mobility

Saving Lives Through Improved Mobility

Saving Lives is Priority #1

For as long as there have been roadways, keeping those who travel them safe has been a critical element of transportation planning.

Now, more than ever before, technologies exist that can help greatly increase the intelligence of the intersection and improve mobility to help reduce fatalities that result from collisions. The intelligent intersection of today features a combination of smart sensors, traffic controllers, systems, and software—and Econolite provides all of these.

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More than Just a Mission Statement

Saving lives through improved mobility isn’t just a phrase at Econolite—it’s a mindset. A culture, a way of doing business, embedded across the entire organization.

Since its very beginning, Econolite has been committed to leveraging intelligent technology—from the first lighted stop sign, intended to reduce injuries and fatalities at intersections in 1933, all the way through today.

Today, Econolite continues to work with municipalities towards building a safer future powered by the intelligence of the industry’s leading technologies, from traffic control products, to turnkey system solutions.

Our Mission, Our Culture

A Vision of Zero Traffic Fatalities

Econolite’s employees play an integral part in achieving the company’s mission.

Like everyone, they have families, friends, and communities that they wish to keep out of harm’s way. But unlike the general public, Econolite employees are uniquely empowered to contribute towards a safer future, by creating real solutions that will help improve (and save) the lives of all the driving public.

Our Mission, Reflected in Our Technologies

As the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, Econolite offers the ideal combination of  intelligent technology solutions to address safety and mobility challenges.

As an immediate solution to preventing collisions, by combining Autoscope Vision and EOS, cities and agencies can leverage an output from the Autoscope Vision speed threshold detector, which enables EOS to dynamically extend the red clearance time to ensure that a vehicle the sensor detects that is likely to run a red light can safely proceed through an intersection to proactively keep pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in other vehicles safe.

Econolite’s video and radar sensor solutions also provide departure detection so that agencies can collect the data necessary to further optimize signal timing and enhance intersection safety. Econolite’s highly accurate multi-tasking capabilities can provide the high-resolution red-light running data that can be retrieved from the traffic signal controller, enabling traffic engineers to make actionable real world decisions to signal timing that can save lives.

In the event of an emergency every second can save a life. Econolite’s Centracs Priority utilizes advanced traffic control algorithms to drive response times down— instructing the traffic controllers to service the approaching emergency vehicle well in advancve of its arrival.

Autoscope Vision combined with Cyclescope can provide Bike Min Green timing, or it can support a controller’s bicycle detector input, providing extra time at the start of green light for bicycles to cross the intersection safely. This helps to ensure safer intersection operations for all roadway users. Within the detector layout, Autoscope Vision can also provide extra time, creating a unique bicycle signal timing that allows cyclists an appropriate amount of time to cross the intersection safely.

Econolite’s intelligent video, radar, and in-ground sensor solutions provide advanced dilemma-zone detection to prevent collisions as a result of red-light running at high-speed approaches. Advanced dilemma-zone detection enhances safety at signalized intersections by leveraging the advanced, vehicle speed, and vehicle classification detection capabilities of the sensor in modifying the traffic controller signal timing to reduce vehicles that may have difficulty stopping during a yellow phase. This can also reduce rear-end collisions associated with unsafe stopping and angle collisions due to vehicles running the red light.

Econolite’s lineup of controllers and controller software provides an unmatched combination of ATC open architecture to support connected vehicle programs. Through Econolite’s Connected Vehicle Co-Processor (CVCP) module, Econolite’s controllers support SPaT/MAP data messaging, providing the fundamental V2I capability for connected vehicle applications. When matched with EOS, Econolite’s breakthrough ATC controller software, Econolite greatly expands traffic control and safety capabilities while focusing on intuitive, web-based simplicity of programming and ease-of-use in support of connected and automated vehicle applications that are designed to reduce fatalities.