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The one-stop-shop solution where users have access to product datasheets, specifications, quick start guides, videos, application notes, and manuals. Please note that document links containing the 🔒 symbol require Econolite Technical Support Site access. If you do not have access, please CLICK HERE to submit a request.

Sort wdt_ID Platform Document Type Document Link
4 ATCC Datasheet Advanced Traffic Controller Cabinet (ATCC) Datasheet
5 ATCC Quick Start Guide ATCC Startup Guide
0 6 ZincBlue Quick Start Guide ZincBlue 2 Manual
0 7 ZincBlue Datasheet ZincBlue 2 Battery Datasheet
0 11
0 12 ZincBlue Datasheet ZincBlue 2 UPS 1000W/1500W & PIM Datasheet
0 13 ZincBlue Datasheet ZincBlue 2 XRT Datasheet
0 14
0 15 ZincBlue Quick Start Guide ZincBlue 2 Getting Started Guide
0 16 ZincBlue Software Update ZincBlue 2 Software Package v1.2.4 (Zip)
Platform Document Type
Sort wdt_ID Document Type Document Link
62 Application Note 22 September 2014 - AN2152 Added Security for your Traffic Signal Network
Sort wdt_ID Platform Model Document Type Document Link
170 AccuScan AccuScan 1000 Datasheet AccuScan 1000 Datasheet
171 AccuScan AccuScan 1000 Quick Start Guide AccuScan 1000 Hardware Quick Start Guide
172 AccuScan AccuScan 1000 Specifications AccuScan 1000 Specifications
173 AccuScan AccuScan 300 Datasheet AccuScan 300 Datasheet
174 AccuScan AccuScan 300 Quick Start Guide AccuScan 300 Hardware Quick Start Guide
175 AccuScan AccuScan 300 Specifications AccuScan 300 Specifications
176 AccuScan AccuScan 600 Datasheet AccuScan 600 Datasheet
177 AccuScan AccuScan 600 Quick Start Guide AccuScan 600 Hardware Quick Start Guide
178 AccuScan AccuScan 600 Specifications AccuScan 600 Specifications
179 AccuScan AccuScan 600C/1000C Datasheet AccuScan 600C & 1000C Datasheet
Platform Model Document Type
Sort wdt_ID Document Type Document Link
7 Datasheet Econolite Connected Vehicle Datasheet
8 Datasheet Savari SW-1000 Road-Side-Unit (RSU) Datasheet
9 Manual Savari StreetWAVE RSU User Guide
Sort wdt_ID Platform Document Type Document Link
147 Aries Application Note 25 May 2011 - AN2132 Aries ASC3 Controller Segments
148 Aries Application Note 11 October 2011 - AN1064A Aries ASC2M Ethernet Connection Using Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS
149 Aries Application Note 11 October 2011 - AN1063A Aries ASC2M Ethernet Connection Using DigiPort Server
150 Centracs Application Note 1 September 2016 - AN2164 Centracs - Controller Action Plan Activation from Centracs
151 Centracs Application Note 27 April 2011 - AN2130 Centracs ASC3 Controller Segments
152 Oasis Application Note 20 February 2009 - AN2109 Oasis MUTCD FYA Operation
153 Centracs Datasheet Centracs ATMS Datasheet
154 Centracs Datasheet Centracs SPM Datasheet
155 Centracs Datasheet Centracs Adaptive Module Datasheet
156 Centracs Datasheet Centracs CCTV Module Datasheet
Platform Document Type
Sort wdt_ID Document Type Document Link
6 Application Note 2 May 2012 - AN2138_How_to_Capture_a_Data_Packet_Trace_with_Wireshark

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