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About Econolite Systems

The Econolite Systems™ team focuses on delivery of industry-leading services across the ITS project life cycle – from design through maintenance and operations. Recent successful projects include signal system deployment for large metropolitan areas, development of citywide networks for ITS using fiber and wireless technologies, and delivery of maintenance services for major transportation authorities. Focusing on infrastructure-based ITS solutions, the company’s capabilities extend to freeway and arterial applications. Agencies at both the state and local level have selected Econolite as their provider of choice for systems software, communications, and integration of a broad array of field devices.


Comprehensive, Integrated Solutions

Turnkey solutions offer great value to the customer. Econolite Systems not only provides services throughout the ITS project life cycle, but can also bring those services together to provide a single point of responsibility for all ITS needs. In fact, from design through maintenance and operations, Econolite offers the full breadth of skills and capabilities to deliver outstanding results, saving customers time, money, and risk.

Did you know Econolite Systems offers Design & Design-Build Services?

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Project Management

All of our projects are led by experienced, qualified project managers.  We know that ITS projects represent a significant investment for our customers and that capital funds are limited.  We believe investment in strong project management leads to the best project outcomes: customer expectations are met, issues are resolved, and projects are completed successfully – meeting scope, schedule, and budget objectives.


Our team of electrical, civil, software, and systems engineers are ready to address your project design and integration requirements.  We specialize in turnkey ITS projects and provide systems and communications engineering design and engineering support for a broad spectrum of ITS project needs from inception through maintenance and operations.


Contemporary ITS systems transmit data, voice, and video over sophisticated multi-modal IP networks, including cabled media, cellular, and private wireless technologies.  Econolite has the expertise to fully design, deploy, and integrate these networks with system software and field devices. 


Our capabilities extend beyond professional services into technical skills, such as ITS installation, construction, and maintenance.  We are qualified and licensed for general engineering construction, electrical contracting, and related disciplines.  Our services include traffic signal and ITS construction as well as communications cable installation, splicing, and termination.


Centracs ATMS
The Centracs ATMS software platform is a modular architecture that encompasses advanced traffic management, performance measurement, and maintenance management.  Centracs, with its broad array of integrated modules and capabilities, is the foundation for many of our system projects and can be configured to address most ATMS needs without modification.

Custom Development
When development is required, whether for new features, third party device support, or external system interfaces, Econolite can develop software to meet unique customer requirements with our experienced development team.

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Maintenance Services
We have been providing maintenance services for over a decade and currently maintain thousands of locations.  We provide maintenance of electrical and electronic systems for freeways, traffic signals, and toll collection.  We have a large staff of certified technicians and licensed electricians to provide outstanding service.

Maintenance Management
We also provide maintenance management using Econolite-developed software that utilizes a variety of wireless devices to manage and track real-time status of calls, asset inventory, preventive maintenance schedules, response times, and performance metrics.  This state-of-the-art system provides outstanding visibility not only for our managers, but for our customers as well.

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