Centracs: Cranberry Township, PA

Jun 3, 2022 | Centracs


The Township sought to address long-term transportation goals – a 15 to 20 year program that anticipates a population of 50,000 by 2030. In addition, facilitating traffic management through smart technologies would be the only solution since building additional roadway capacity is not an option.


In 2010, Econolite, partnering with Path Master, upgraded the Township’s closed-loop system to Centracs ATMS, as well as deployed ASC/3 controllers, Autoscope video detection, LED signals, and a more robust fiber optic Ethernet communications network that feeds data to the TMC.

In 2020, the Township looked to leverage real-time adaptive signal control. Econolite deployed Edaptive as part of Econolite’s Centracs SPM (Signal Performance Measures) solution to help reduce peak commuter traffic congestion, as well as immediately respond to unexpected traffic events. Centracs SPM and Edaptive proactively smooth traffic during rush hours and provide the Township with the flexibility to immediately address unexpected events that impact traffic such as weather. The solution automatically optimizes cycles, offsets, and splits to increase arrivals on green even during highly variable traffic conditions and events.

About Econolite

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