GDOT - Statewide ITS Maintenance

Statewide Intelligent Transportation System Maintenance

Jun 28, 2023 | ITS Maintenance

Georgia Department of Transportation

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) operates a statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Network that receives data from and interacts with ITS devices deployed in the field throughout the state. The ITS enables GDOT to monitor and control the ITS devices for the benefit of the traveling public by enhancing roadway efficiencies and providing updates on road conditions. Because It is imperative that the ITS devices, related hardware, and infrastructure (assets) be maintained and operational, the Department was in need of an experienced contractor to maintain, repair, replace, install, and manage the ITS field assets.

As a subcontractor to Serco, Inc., Econoliste Systems, Inc. (ESI) was responsible for supporting activities pertaining to maintaining and assessing operational performance levels of GDOTs Assets for the contract. The work included developing a detailed inventory of all assets in addition to all detailed work, services, materials, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide ITS Maintenance. Statewide assets that were maintained under this contract included the following:

  • Message Signs (MS)
  • Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)
  • Vehicle Detection Devices (VDD)
  • Ramp Meter Systems (RMS)
  • Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS)
  • Roadside Access Control Systems (RACS)
  • Gate Lift/Swing Systems (GLSS)
  • Emergency Access Gates (EAG)
  • Hubs
  • Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)
  • Dynamic Lane Control Signs (DLCS)
  • All related hardware, infrastructure, and firmware
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