EVO, ATC, and Cobalt

City of Colorado Springs, CO

The City of Colorado Springs (City), in partnership with El Paso County (County) as well as academic, research, and private industry collaborators, put forth a $1,776,200 for Stage 1 of the Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) funding program. The program objectives include the planning, prototyping, and testing of a new multi-dimensional Perception-Based Adaptive Traffic Management and Data Sharing system.

As a transportation industry-standard hardware supporter and partner of the Perception-Based Adaptive Traffic Management and Data Sharing system program, Econolite was contracted with planning and developing a prototype for the next generation of sensor-based traffic signal management at approximately 50 City intersections. When implemented, this system will realize multiple intelligent traffic management benefits for the City and surrounding communities, including optimizing traffic flow, improving safety for all roadway users, realizing system-wide energy savings, and deploying technology that offers a more sustainable and accessible mobility ecosystem.

Econolite will be deploying Cobalt ATC traffic controllers and ATC Cabinets for the initial 50 intersections, as well as school zone flasher systems at City-specified locations as called for in Stage 1 of the SMART program. EVO Radar sensors will be installed as part of the program’s proof of concept testing at one intersection.

About Econolite

Econolite’s ITS solutions ease traffic congestion, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. As the one-stop-shop leader for traffic management systems, sensor products, and services, Econolite is committed to the advancement of connected and autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit us at www.econolite.com.

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