Traffic Control System, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Multi-City Advanced Transportation Management System Implementation

Jun 28, 2023 | ITS Integration

Los Angeles County, CA

Econolite was contracted by the County of Los Angeles (County) to deliver, implement, and integrate a Traffic Control System in order to provide the County with an Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) for use by the County and partner cities. Econolite implemented the Centracs traffic control system software in order to manage 36 County-maintained traffic signal controllers in the City of Carson and 41 traffic signal controllers in the City of Hawthorne, operated from the County’s Traffic Management Center (TMC). Centracs will also manage 60 signals in the Cities of Bell Gardens and Monterey Park. Centracs’ Server-to-Server (S2S) module was also installed and will allow the County to communicate and share operational information with other participating cities. With S2S the County will have the ability to monitor over 270 traffic signals.

As part of this contract, Econolite also procured, installed, configured, and connected two workstations for the Cities of Bell Gardens and Monterey Park. Econolite also provided post-installation maintenance and support for Centracs core and S2S software. Overall, the project included the following:

  • NEMA Traffic Control System (300 intersection licenses) for the County, and 50 intersection licenses each for the cities of Carson and Hawthorne
  • Factory installation of Centracs Traffic Control System ATMS, DCMS, and Server-to-Server system software on County-provided virtual servers
  • Supply and installation of one workstation each for Bell Gardens and Monterey Park
  • On-site installation and integration (3 days)
  • On-site training (2 days) and testing (1 day) on Centracs
  • Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for three years
  • Server-to-Server modules and connection licenses
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