California Department of Transportation, District 12

Construction on State Highways in Orange County at Various Locations

California Department of Transportation, District 12

Econolite Systsems, Inc. (ESI) was chosen by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) project to provide the upgrade replacement of head-end Cisco switches/routers at the Caltrans District 12 Traffic Management Center (TMC),  the upgrade replacement of seven hub locations Cisco switch/routers, and the upgrade replacement of 455 field-hardened Cisco switches along several state highways in Orange County, CA,  including I-5, SR-73, SR-91, SR-133, and SR-241 highways. All head-end switches were staged at ESI’s facilities and inspected by Caltrans prior to deployment. Field switches were assembled, configured, and tested in batches before being deployed to the field. As this was an upgrade project, a process was developed and executed to confirm overall system operation pre and post-deployment of network segments. This process involved at least one network technician present at the TMC while ESI field crews deployed to various roadside cabinets. Legacy network gear was removed by ESI field crews and returned to Caltrans at the end of the conclusion of the project. ESI also provided the configuration of the staging facility and programming scripts for the field switches. ESI worked in coordination with a Cisco CCIE-certified consultant on the necessary changes to migrate the legacy Cisco configurations to the new switch/routers. ESI  provided for troubleshooting and repair as needed over the course of the project.

About Econolite

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