Henrico Traffic Control System

Henrico Traffic Control System

Jun 28, 2023 | ITS Integration

City of Henrico, VA

Henrico County operates and maintains 140 traffic signals, 25 of which were previously coordinated within the Henrico County Signal System using a mix of Eagle and Econolite controllers. Coordinated operations were facilitated with three closed-loop signal systems and two corridors running time synchronization. The closed loop systems used twisted pair copper cables or serial wireless radios for interconnecting among the local controllers, and the master controllers were integrated with telephone dial-up modems for accessibility from central. A single desktop computer at the County Signal Shop ran software to communicate with the master controllers of the closed-loop systems.

The County retained  Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI) to install and integrate a fully-distributed system using Centracs as the Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), new ASC/3 controllers, broadband wireless communications, and leased fiber lines as provided by Verizon. ESI was responsible for developing the network design; coordinating with Verizon; constructing the drop installations from the Verizon demarcation to the controller cabinets; configuration, installation, and optimization of 154 broadband wireless radios; configuration and installation of all network switches; establishing VPN connectivity to 63 Layer 3 devices; system installation; and final integration to bring all 140 intersections fully online with Centracs. The general functions provided by the new Centracs system include the following:

  • Conversion of the existing closed loop systems to a fully distributed central system
  • Real-time field equipment status updates
  • Enhanced traffic and system monitoring
  • Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities
  • Increased communications coverage of existing signals
  • Improved communications reliability
  • Remote system access (uploading/downloading to controllers; changing timings)
  • Added capability for system expansion
  • Hardware and software from a single vendor supplier (e.g., no third-party software integrator solutions)
About Econolite

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