Lee County Success Story

Lee County Route Priority Solution

In May 2024, Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI) was awarded a contract by Lee County, Forida, to design and deploy a Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) solution that integrated local transit (LeeTran) and emergency services. This project entailed installing Econolite’s Centracs Mobility Route Priority, as well as upgrading several traffic controllers to the Econolite Cobalt ATCs with next-generation EOS controller software. This system will integrate with On-Board Units (OBUs) required to improve LeeTran service on the US 41 Corridor in Fort Myers. The Route Priority solution also includes integration with Transit Signal Priority elements within the US 41 FRAME project, allowing sharing of bus schedules, locations, and arrival times with Lee County’s connected vehicle infrastructure.

The ability to leverage Route Priority within the very busy US 41 corridor is a significant capability for Lee County that will help expedite the movement of transit vehicles at congested intersections along US 41. This is particularly critical when the area experiences seasonal traffic increases and during daily peak travel times. The Route Priority system with the upgraded traffic controllers and EOS software will allow buses to stay on schedule and has the potential to target new riders to public transit which will in turn will provide the opportunity to address an objective to reduce congestion by decreasing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the County’s roadways.

For the Signal Priority System portion of the project, ESI will update the existing Centracs Mobility access, as well as establish a County Sheriff vehicle pilot that includes installing 10 new Cobalt ATC controllers with EOS Software. This pilot will help establish traffic database conversions and program the necessary NTCIP 1211 tables.

System Testing and Acceptance will be performed by ESI to ensure conformance with all applicable project requirements. This included coordination and performance of system acceptance tests, operational tests, and system monitoring for eight years.

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