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PORTSMOUTH, VA – Centracs Implementations

Sep 27, 2021 | Centracs Implementations

A large project with Centracs ATMS as the signal system software and the Econolite ASC/3 controller as the City standard for their new system

In 2009, the City of Portsmouth, Virginia needed to select a software and controller standard to replace their existing traffic signal system and controllers. The City issued an RFQ and received qualifications packages from a number of integrators. Qualifications were followed by technical proposals, on-site presentations, and demonstrations. At the end of the selection process, Portsmouth selected Econolite Systems as their integrator, Centracs ATMS as their signal system software, and the Econolite ASC/3 controller as the City standard for their new system.

The City proceeded with upgrades to their existing signal system in two phases. In the initial phase, the City decided to upgrade approximately 30 signal controllers and 10 new TS2 Type 1 cabinets. In the second phase, the balance of the signal controllers (approximately 90) were to be upgraded in one or more subsequent phases over a 3-5 year period.

The selected ATMS would monitor and control the final build-out of up to 200 traffic controllers in an Ethernet network using mixed communications media.

For the initial phase, Portsmouth advertised for a construction project in July of 2010 that included fiber optic interconnect—a sophisticated Layer 3 IP-network which established redundant fiber rings in the field network and wireless connectivity to remote intersections. The system architecture included a fully functional Traffic Operation Center (TOC) located at Frederick Boulevard, along with a standby TOC at the City Hall facility housing a redundant server complement. The TOC sites are interconnected with a high-speed wireless link to ensure that the databases are regularly updated by the active system.

Econolite Systems partnered with E.G. Middleton (prime contractor) to provide the Centracs system. Econolite was additionally responsible for all network communications switches, wireless network radios, LAN integration services, controller data conversion, and system configuration and commissioning. In addition to traffic management, Centracs was also provided with the advanced CCTV digital video management module to integrate the City’s Autoscope Solo® Terra™ cameras and Autoscope Solo Pro cameras, using Siqura video encoders over the new fiber optic network.

Econolite also partnered with Highway Electric to build out Phases 2, 3 and 4 of the Portsmouth system.

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