San Fran CA


Centracs Implementations
Econolite Systems will manage and maintain equipment located at seven toll bridge facilities and on bridge approaches located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Econolite System
Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque, NM

Centracs Implementations
  An upgrade of aging ATMS infrastructure to Centracs ATMS The City of Albuquerque needed to upgrade their aging ATMS infrastructure. Econolite Systems installed our Centracs Adva
Charlotte NC

Charlotte, NC

Centracs Implementations
An integrated solution utilizing Centracs ATMS for the system software and Econolite’s ASC/3 controller hardware and software on the street The City of Charlotte operates and mai
Macomb County MI

Macomb Country, MI

Centracs Implementations
Econolite Systems’ familiarity with software, servers, and field devices; a reasonable schedule and integration plan; and ease of use of Centracs won over Macomb County, MI In 20
Spokane Washington


Centracs Implementations
Optimizing signal control using Centracs, Centracs Adaptive, and Cobalt ATC Controllers The Spokane Adaptive Signal Control System project was important for the City as it provided
Portsmouth VA


Centracs Implementations
A large project with Centracs ATMS as the signal system software and the Econolite ASC/3 controller as the City standard for their new system In 2009, the City of Portsmouth, Virgi