Central Signal Control System (CSCS), Phases 1 and 2

Michigan Central Signal Control System, Phases 1 and 2

Michigan Department of Transportation

Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI) was contracted to provide the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) with a Centracs ATMS solution for the statewide traffic signal network (3,500 prioritized intersections statewide). The goal of the project was for MDOT  to achieve improved operations capabilities and remote management of the traffic signal network. Phase 1 of the project included the base deployment of 286 intersections connected to a combination of Econolite Cobalt and Siemens (Yunex) M60 traffic signal controllers. The implementation included detailed testing and documentation prior to system acceptance. The overall deployment included both the live production system, as well as a complete test system that allows Econolite and MDOT to fully test new software releases prior to going live in the field. The Phase 2 deployment was initiated and will bring online an additional 1,250 signalized intersections, as well as Signal Performance Measures (SPM) and adaptive signal control at approximately 60 intersection locations located along the I-94 corridor in Detroit. Phase 2 also includes a center-to-center connection with Oakland County, MI. ESI is providing the inclusion of a new controller software release for the Yunex controller firmware version 5.2.5. This update includes a complete database editor that allows users from MDOT to take advantage of the full set of Yunex controller features, including propriety Yunex Management Information Base (MIB) elements.


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