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Oct 1, 2021 | Systems Integrations

Econolite Systems completes a turnkey ATMS upgrade for the City of Lacey

In 2013, Econolite Systems was awarded the turnkey upgrade of the City of Lacey’s advanced traffic management system (ATMS). Econolite delivered the Centracs® ATMS software, ASC/3 rack mount controllers in new 333SD cabinets, and an upgraded IP communications network to meet the City’s need for a complete, capable, and contemporary signal system solution.

As part of this project, Econolite successfully performed the following tasks:

  • Provide, configure, install, & integrate Centracs ATMS solution as well as the Local Edition, Synchro Interface, Enhanced MOE, & Advanced CCTV software modules.
  • Provide 34 cabinet/controller packages consisting of Model 333D cabinets with all plug-in & ASC/3 rack mount NEMA controllers. Each controller was supplied with a TSP data key for transit operation & each cabinet wired for a future Transit GPS receiver & roof mounted antennae (32 ints. & 2 spares).
  • Support for the local controller integration including the capture & migration of existing TMP390 controller settings to ASC/3 NEMA controllers (32 ints.).
  • Develop detailed system graphics & intersection diagrams (32 ints.).
  • Integration support for 32 signalized intersections on Centracs ATMS & Advanced CCTV monitoring for up to 20 PTZ cameras & 5 workstations.
  • Documentation, training, system acceptance testing, 1-Year Warranty, & 1-Year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for the Centracs system.

The communications network for Lacey that Econolite designed, installed, & integrated provided a connection from the Centracs communications server at the City’s Traffic Operations Center (TOC) to the City’s intersections using a combination of Internet Service Provider (ISP) drops and Ethernet-over-Copper switches. At each ISP drop, a hardened field switch established a secure connection from the intersection to the Centracs server. A second switch connected additional cabinets in a daisy-chain fashion to this master location using Ethernet-over-Copper VDSL technology. Our design included 32 total intersections, with 3 of these serving as master locations for the ISP drops. We supplied a 24-port managed switch and Cisco VPN device for the TOC connection, 3 hardened VPN capable Moxa routers for the master locations, and 32 hardened RuggedCom VDSL switches for the downstream locations.

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