Revolutionizing traffic planning and management with PTV Group and Econolite

Nov 7, 2023 | News
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Revolutionizing traffic planning and management with PTV Group and Econolite

This fall, PTV Group and Econolite will unveil their latest developments together under the umbrella brand Umovity for the first time. The Mobility Tech Update features the Mobility Tech Suite, combining PTV & Econolite end-to-end technology serving as a true one-stop-shop for traffic planning and management.

PTV will showcase new, ground-breaking features of its esteemed software solutions for transportation modeling, multimodal simulation, and real-time traffic management, together with Econolite’s highlights in traffic management and ITS maintenance. A detailed dive into the Mobility Tech Update will be offered via a LinkedIn Live session scheduled for October 24th.

Introducing the new combined Mobility Tech Suite

At this year’s tech update of the unified brand, Umovity is set to present the newly combined portfolio: The Mobility Tech Suite integrates the market-leading software and hardware from PTV Group and Econolite including modeling and simulation, data and analytics, real-time traffic management, and prediction as well as on-site operations and optimization.

Whether as stand-alone solutions or in combination, the products enable cities and organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of transportation networks.

PTV Visum 2024 supports elevation data import for accurate modeling of active modes like bicycles.

Some of the newest product highlights within the suite contain:

Further development of PTV Visum: Easy data integration

One of the release highlights in Visum 2024 is its integrated Activity-Based Modelling (ABM) calculation, offering improved precision and stability compared to other ABM software. This latest version also boasts a 100x speed boost in public transport assignments.

Additionally, the software now supports elevation data import for accurate modeling of active modes like bicycles. Users will also appreciate a new tool for simplified network data merging and better efficiency thanks to cloud-based data management.

PTV Vissim T& Viswalk with increased simulation speed and Econolite integration

In the area of microscopic traffic simulation, Vissim and Viswalk have received significant increase in the overall simulation speed. Notably, pedestrian simulation routines in Viswalk have been extensively reworked, introducing an efficient activity stack for enhanced parallelization across multiple threads.

Vissim 2024 brings exciting new features, including the ability to specify raster graphics and display lane markings in the 2D and 3D network editor. Users can also take advantage of innovations like multi-route editing and enhanced conflict area labeling.

In addition, the industry-leading EOS Controller from Econolite can be now seamlessly integrated into PTV Vissim, empowering users to effortlessly replicate controller logic within traffic simulations.

PTV Vistro and Centracs Integration

As a further result of the Umovity union and the new combined portfolio, Vistro 2024 now seamlessly integrates with Centracs, Econolite’s advanced traffic management system, fostering a unified approach to traffic management and monitoring by bridging signal timing analysis with traffic impact studies.

Other new features of Vistro include emissions and electric vehicle impact calculations, along with the integration of Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI) into Vissim.

PTV Vistro 2024 provides seamless integration with Econolite’s Centracs.

Live presentation of the Tech Update on 24 October

Christian U. Haas, CEO of Econolite and PTV Group, said: “Driven by customer needs, we aim to provide applications tailored to specific use cases, while maintaining a portfolio of standard products for a consistent user experience. With our Mobility Tech Suite, we offer a holistic approach to orchestrating the mobility value chain, with software and hardware from strategic mobility planning, traffic prediction, to on-site traffic operations. This fosters unique benefits through mutual data enrichment and synergies across our solutions. By combining PTV Group & Econolite technology, Umovity is the true one-stop-shop provider of end-to-end technology and services to optimize mobility for humanity”.

Join Christian U. Haas and Umovity experts for a live presentation of the entire PTV Mobility Tech Update during a LinkedIn Live Session on 24 October at 5 p.m. CEST. You can register here: LinkedIn Live-Event. All new release features and free tutorials can also be accessed on the Mobility Tech update website.

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