Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Design-Build Project

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Design-Build Project

City of Tampa, FL

Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI) served as a subcontractor as part of a multidisciplinary team that provided the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 7 with the design and construction of the City of Tampa’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). As an integral member of the Design-Build Team, ESI was responsible for the integration of the City’s state-of-the-art traffic management system. The system connects vehicles and people to the transportation system to optimize traffic flow, and improve mobility, reliability, resiliency, and safety. ESI’s solutions support FDOT’s vision by providing the City with innovative design concepts, components, details, and construction techniques in accordance with the FDOT Design Manual (FDM) using the Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) process. For the project, ESI provided integration of the following:

  • Traffic signal controllers and new TS-2 cabinets at selected intersections;
  • New traffic signal system at the City’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) consisting of network equipment, servers, workstations, and software;
  • A Network Management System (NMS);
  • Centracs Signal Performance Measurement (SPM) system;
  • A Performance Analytics system (PAS); and
  • Centracs MMS (Maintenance Management System).

ESI also provided complete hardware and software integration services for all ITS solutions, as well as training for all systems and sub-systems installed as part of this project.

About Econolite

Econolite’s ITS solutions ease traffic congestion, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. As the one-stop-shop leader for traffic management systems, sensor products, and services, Econolite is committed to the advancement of connected and autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit us at

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