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Macomb Country, MI – Centracs Implementations

Sep 27, 2021 | Centracs Implementations

Econolite Systems’ familiarity with software, servers, and field devices; a reasonable schedule and integration plan; and ease of use of Centracs won over Macomb County, MI

In 2011 the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) selected Econolite Systems to provide software for the management of their traffic signals. MCDR selected Econolite Systems based on compliance with the specifications; Econolite’s familiarity with software, servers, and MCDR field devices; a reasonable schedule and integration plan; and ease of use of Centracs.

Econolite provided:

  • Software supporting D4 local controller software (1.5g-7 and newer revisions)
  • Simultaneous management in excess of 700 local signals
  • Communication servers that are scalable
  • Infrastructure mapping that integrates Google Earth online mapping into existing MCDR signal locations to Centracs
  • Integration services to provide a “turn-key” ATMS that includes delivery, assembly, and integration of all required new components with the existing infrastructure and all devices for a complete and operational solution

Econolite performed the system installation, integration, and intersection graphics generation of 500 intersections, and system training.


Econolite’s 4 Pillar intelligent traffic solutions:

Cabinets | Controllers | Systems | Sensors

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